Hello St. John family! This page is designed to provide extra information that relates to St. John members!

It’s that time of year again! Please click below to open the 2022 Top 5 Survey:

Pastor Brooks is calling upon all members to sign the Statement of Faith Membership Acknowledgment Form. Please note: PER THE BYLAWS, ALL MEMBERS MUST SIGN THE FORM. Please click the buttons below to access the Statement of Faith and the Acknowledgement Form:

Please click the button below to take the shorter version of the Spiritual Gifts Survey (48 questions, about 30 minutes max):

Please click the button below to take the longer (original) version of the Spiritual Gifts Survey:

Below are the 3 books that Pastor James has asked the St. John family to read to prepare for outreach to the youth and young adults! Click the links below to order or download the books:

Black Millennials & the Church (Joshua L. Mitchell)
The Rise of the Nones (James Emery White)
Meet Generation Z: (James Emery White)

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